Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019

‘Federer won’t enter Wimbledon thinking he can’t win,’ asserts ex-coach

A former coach of Roger Federer insists that the Swiss will not move into the grass season believing that he cannot win another Wimbledon.

Paul Annacone claims that Roger Federer will not have the same attitude about Wimbledon as he does about the French Open this year.

“I think this is way different from four years ago, and 35 is way different than closing in on 40,” Annacone told the New York Times. “I think Paris is going to be really challenging for him.

“But if the body sustains itself and maintains good health and he gets enough reps, Roger’s not going to go into the grass season not thinking he can win Wimbledon.”

Following his first match on clay since 2019, Federer stated “I’m just realistic that I know I will not win the French Open, and whoever thought I would or could win it is wrong.”



Annacone, who coached Federer to his seventh Wimbledon title in 2012, thinks that Federer will not see Wimbledon in the same way, and that he will believe he has a real shot at a 9th title there.

“He’ll say all the right stuff, but in his heart of hearts, he knows he can win that tournament,” Annacone continued.

“But the less dominant you are, the more that aura of invincibility starts to dissipate just a tad, and it only needs to dissipate a tad to make a difference. The locker room antenna is up.”