Roger Federer redefined success at the highest level with his illustrious results at Wimbledon. Here Tennishead breaks down the great's campaigns

Roger Federer enjoyed unprecedented success at three of the four Major tournaments, but the French Open presented his toughest challenge

Roger Federer delighted and amazed Melbourne over two decades as fans flocked to the Australian Open each year. Allow Tennishead to

Roger Federer was often a competitor in the greatest battles ever to grace a tennis court. Across all four Slams and

Like many individual sports, tennis is ignited by rivalries, and the ATP tour has had plenty to spare over its

Roger Federer did so much within the sport of tennis, achieving a number of astounding records in his time as

Roger Federer defined tennis for a generation, but he could not have done it alone, playing his part in a

It may seem like the lines on a tennis court are a helpful way to determine how to play doubles

You may think of your serve as an opportunity for aces or simply a point starter and nothing else in