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Choose the perfect tennis shoe with ASICS

Tennis shoe technology has been playing catch up with tennis rackets over the past few years and with the investment of brands like ASICS tennis players now have a wide choice of trainer to suit all playing styles


Tennishead has always been a great proponent for choosing the right equipment no matter what standard or style of tennis payer you are, so it’s encouraging to see brands such as ASICS putting the full weight of their considerable research and development facilities into the manufacture of tennis shoes.

Tennis rackets have always grabbed more than their fair share of research budgets and new technology but now shoes are finally receiving a bigger share of that investment. ASICS are one of the world’s biggest sports footwear companies and, following a decision to get more involved with tennis, they now have a shoe to suit all types of player.

You may have already seen our exclusive interview with their top product man, Rene. Now he can be seen on camera talking through the different shoes that ASICS can offer for the three different types of playing that they have identified from their research.


Baseline players like Gael Monfils

For players that move side to side and are looking for greater stability, ASICS have the Gel-Resolution 8. This shoe was developed with French star Monfils and includes 3 key technologies to help baseline players move around the court:

  1. ‘Dynawrap’ which helps to secure your foot to the midsole of the shoe offering more stability
  2. Full length outsole which improves both stability and grip
  3. ‘Dynawall’ which helps to offer protection when moving from side to side

Watch as Rene from ASICS explains the key-features of the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 shoe then read a full review and watch our tennishead play test of the Gel-Resolution 8

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All court players like Alex De Minaur and Julia Georges

For players that are quick on their feet and like to move up to the net as much as possible. The ASICS Solution Sped is a lightweight and flexible shoe designed for this type of player. It features 3 key technologies:

  1. The ‘Flytefoam’ midsole which is super light
  2. A split two-piece outsole which delivers greater flexibility and less weight
  3. The ‘Twisstruss’ which creates a balance between flexibility and stability

Watch as Rene from ASICS explains the key-features of the ASICS Solution Speed shoe then watch our tennishead play test

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Best of both players like Novak Djokovic

These players tend to hug the baseline and can easily switch between an all-court playing style or a baseline playing style, just like Djokovic at his best. The ASICS Court FF shoe is developed for this type of player and combines the perfect balance of lightweight flexibility and stability. The 3 key technologies in this shoe are:

  1. The ‘Monosock’ which is a continuing construction between the toe and the core lining for an improved fit
  2. A ‘Twisstruss’ which creates a balance between flexibility and stability
  3. The ‘Flytefoam’ midsole which is super light

Watch as Rene from ASICS explains the key-features of the ASICS Court FF shoe

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