Peng Shuai US Open 2014

‘They’re putting Peng Shuai at greater risk’ – Human rights activist slams IOC approach

The IOC has been heavily criticised for its “quiet diplomacy” concerning Peng Shuai in an open letter from a prominent human rights activist.

The WTA made the bold move to suspend all tournaments in China as a direct result of the unsatisfactory handling by Chinese officials of the safety of and accusations made by Peng Shuai.

Meanwhile, the IOC have preferred to continue their more subtle strategy.

While the IOC remain the only outside organisation to directly contact Peng Shuai, many believe they have not done enough.

Now, human rights activist Peter Dahlin, who has first hand experience of coercion by Chinese authorities, has written an open letter to the IOC urging them to adjust their tactics.

“Contrary to your latest statements, the actions of the IOC are directly putting Peng [Shuai] at greater risk,” Dahlin asserts.

“If this continued error is indeed due to ignorance, this open letter will at least be one step to remedy such lack of knowledge, information, and understanding.

“The practice of stage-managed appearances is most often referred to as forced televised confessions.

“Though recently PRC [People’s Republic of China] police will more often resort to posting such videos on their social media channels or have newspapers carry them on their websites.”

The IOC have had two video calls with Shuai, the only direct contact made between Shuai and an outside party.

The footage from both calls has not been released, with only still images of the conversation between IOC president Thomas Bach and Shuai available to the public.

“The purpose [of the videos] remains the same,” Dahlin continues. “To either attack the person her — or himself — or to counter international criticism.

“At the very least educate yourself on the issue of enforced disappearance and stage-managed confessions and appearances.

“Peng is not free. You know, or should know, that she is not free.”

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