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Designed to help you win more on the tennis court and in everyday life, this unique course from Mindset College will train you to enjoy competing and the whole process of excellence.

Dave Sammel, founder of Mindset College, is an award winning tennis coach and best selling author of ‘Locker Room Power’ who has now focussed his incredible expertise to help coach the minds of tennis players of all standards through their journey to success. 

Dave has developed a new online coaching programme, ‘Fears and Doubts’, specifically for tennishead CLUB members that incorporates a series of video seminars followed by live Q&A sessions with Dave and a variety of special guests including professional tennis players.

What is Mindset College?

Preview of ‘Fear and Doubts’ training course

What do people say about Dave Sammel?

Who is Dave Sammel?

The ‘Fear and Doubts’ training course exclusively for tennishead CLUB members includes…

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