Peng Shuai US Open 2014

‘She is too strong’ – Chinese official labels Peng Shuai sexual assault allegations ‘fantasy’

Peng Shuai is too physically capable to have been sexually assaulted according to a high-ranking Chinese diplomat and Communist Party loyalist.ย 

Victor Gao, vice-president of the Centre for China and Globalisation, a think-tank based in Beijing, believes that the idea that Peng Shuai could have been sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, the man she accused, are ludicrous.

While Peng Shuai has publicly retracted her accusations and recently participated in a highly controlled interview with L’Equipe, many, including the WTA, are still calling for her original accusations to be respected and investigated thoroughly and transparently.

Gao began his explanation to 60 minutes Australia: “[Shuai] is a very successful athlete.

“Physically she can handle many things better than many other women in China.

“I think, given her maturity of the mind and of her physical condition, she can take care of herself, and she can defend herself in front of [anyone] in China.”

Incredulous, the interviewer sought to clarify that Gao was implying that the idea that Shuai could be sexually assaulted is impossible.

After reiterating the height and physical strength of Peng Shuai, Gao continued: “So, for a person of my height, for example, trying to take advantage of Peng Shuai, forget about it.

“You are indulging in your fantasy!”

Gao then insinuated that, since Shuai was “well beyond the age of 18,” she could not be in a vulnerable enough situation to be sexually assaulted.

He said: “If you are talking about a minor, yes.

“If you are talking about a person in weak positions, yes, I agree.

“I does not apply to Peng Shuai.”

In addition, he claimed that the period of many years since the alleged incident along with the lack of “arrest or duress” experienced by Shuai is evidence that the accusations are unfounded.

It has now been nearly three and a half months since Shuai initially made the accusations against Zhang Gaoli, the Former Vice Premier of China, on her Weibo account on 2nd November last year.

There is still no sign of an official investigation off of her accusations, while the former double world number one has been spotted attending the ongoing Beijing Winter Olympics.

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