Rafael Nadal Australian Open 2022

‘People don’t know that’ reveals coach on valuable Rafael Nadal character trait

Carlos Moya believes that the adaptability of Rafael Nadal over his career is among his strongest traits as a champion. 

The 21-time Major winner has had to shift trajectory throughout his career many times to deal with injury, age and the physical demands of the sport.

Now, his coach Moya has highlighted how the Spaniard’s ability to reinvent himself is perhaps his greatest strength.

“When I arrived in 2016 he was 30 and a half years old, but I had a medium to long-term vision,” Moya told Punto de Break in a recent interview for their YouTube channel.

“He trusted that he would evolve in a number of ways so that he could create a longer term impact.

“We had a talk and I saw him very motivated, wanting to win Grand Slams again.

“There I was convinced that anything was possible.

“I have known him for many years, I knew where there was room for improvement, so I thought it was time to change certain aspects and from the first tournament (the 2017 Australian Open) things played out well.”

That Australian Open saw Nadal reach his first Slam final for close to three years, losing to Roger Federer that day as the Swiss claimed his 18th Slam title.

“There was no other option,” Moya continued.

“If he wanted to extend his career, he had to take risks, so the credit goes to him for always being open to changes.

“People are not aware of the quality that he has, whatever you propose to him, he does it.”

Since that 2017 Australian Open, Nadal has won seven of his 21 Major titles, four at Roland Garros, two at the US Open and the 2022 Australian Open.

On his recent Australian Open triumph in particular, Moya described just how unbelievable Nadal’s team found his achievement.

“We could not have scripted the Australian Open better than how it turned out,” Moya admitted.

“You saw how little by little things changed until he reached the happy ending.

“Living that metamorphosis was amazing, it was like a script for an American movie.”

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