Nick Kyrgios US Open 2022

‘Only Slams matter’ asserts Nick Kyrgios on post-Wimbledon mindset

Nick Kyrgios has said he does not pay much attention to tournaments outside of the four Slams following his run to the Wimbledon final. 

The world number 25 described himself as ‘devastated’ after losing to Karen Khachanov at the US Open as his 2022 Slam season came to an end, and is already counting down the days to his home Major in January.

Kyrgios made clear that he will target the Slams above all else in his continued quest to fulfil his potential and become a Slam champion.

“Honestly I don’t even really care about any other tournament,” Kyrgios explained in his post-match press conference. “I feel like at the Grand Slams, now having success at a Grand Slam, it’s just like no other tournament really matters. You get better, you get worse, then at a Grand Slam none of it matters. You either win or lose.

“That’s all people remember at a Grand Slam, whether you win or you lose. I think pretty much every other tournament during the year is a waste of time really. You should just run up and show up at a Grand Slam. That’s what you’re remembered by.

“But, like, I feel like these four tournaments are the only ones that ever are going to matter. It’s just like you got to start it all again. I have to wait until the Australian Open. It’s just devastating.

“Like, it’s heartbreaking. Not just for me, but for everyone that I know that wants me to win.”

Kyrgios run in New York was his first to the quarter-finals of the US Open, meaning he has now reached that stage or further at each of the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.



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