Novak Djokovic US Open 2021

Novak Djokovic remaining ‘open minded’ about vaccination decision

Novak Djokovic has explained his reasonings behind remaining unvaccinated, saying he is “cautious of what enters his body” due to any potential side-effects that may be caused.

In a broad and forthright interview with the BBC, 20-time Grand Slam legend Djokovic revealed that he intends to remain unvaccinated even if it means he will miss out on Major titles.

This comes one month after he was deported from Australia just one day prior to the Australian Open starting.

As he fought the initial cancellation of his medical exemption visa in court, it was revealed that he was unvaccinated against Covid-19.

Whilst his was visa reinstated, it was then terminated again by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke on the grounds that he may stoke anti-vaccination sentiment if he were allowed to compete.

In an interview with Serbian broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia (RTS), the Serbian icon detailed his reasonings behind his decision and why he is so cautious regarding vaccines.

In the interview, Djokovic said “I keep an open mind, I am not exclusive, anything is possible in life. I decided at this moment not to do it and I am ready to bear consequences.

“I am ready, as I am ready to admit every mistake, I am ready to bear consequences. That is a decision I made consciously, conscientiously, independently and on my own and I concluded that is better for me.

“I am trying to understand this whole situation regarding the pandemic and fight against the virus (Covid-19) like every other citizen in the world.

“I have information that everyone else has, and I am trying, as a professional sportsman, which was always the case, to triple-check anything that goes into my body and in which way that can affect me, and if anything changes half per cent, I can feel that,” the Serbian shared.

“Simply, at that top tennis level, every change can produce positive or negative results. I am merely cautious, and I took some time for myself before I make a decision.

“We will see how the situation will develop.”

Whilst Djokovic’s participation at future tennis events appearing limited, he will compete in next week’s Dubai Tennis Championships, an event that does not require vaccination in order to compete.

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