Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon 2022

‘There’s no line anymore’ – Nick Kyrgios fed up with disrespect ‘fuelled by social media’

Nick Kyrgios has always been both a controversial character and one surrounded by antagonism, but he feels as though it is now at a point of real toxicity after his first match at Wimbledon 2022. 

The Australian talent came up against British wildcard Paul Jubb on a lively Court 3 today, bringing with it strong partisan support for their home talent. 

Despite rallying from a set down to eventually win in five tough sets, the spotlight unfortunately fell on a negative crowd experience for Kyrgios once again. 

After reporting receiving racial abuse from a match he played in Stuttgart earlier this month, the 27-year-old appears in a state of heightened acuity to crowd treatment, and he thinks it is getting worse. 

He said: “I just think spectators in general think there’s just no line there anymore.

“If I lose a match, you have no idea how much abuse I have to go through.

“It’s a whole generation of people on social media feeling like they have a right to comment on every single thing with negativity.”

Kyrgios can certainly dish out plenty of disrespect himself, to line judges and umpires in particular. 

However, he wanted to make clear that his status and fame in the sport brings him plenty more abuse than they could ever suffer

He said: “My brother has alopecia and people joke about him being a cancer patient.

“I doubt any of them have to deal with that.”

Kyrgios did further clarify that on Tuesday he was not racially abused, as well as that he does not hold Wimbledon accountable for the behaviour of the fans. 

He just hopes that the situation can improve for him and other players, and professional athletes in general. 

“I don’t understand why people do that to athletes. 

“Why do they feel the need that that’s acceptable?”

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