Andy Murray and Serena Williams at Wimbledon

‘I don’t agree with it’ – Andy Murray has mixed feelings about Wimbledon revamp

Andy Murray is not on the same page as Wimbledon organisers after they released provisional scheduling plans for the 2022 tournament.

2022 will be the first Wimbledon to have play on Middle Sunday, with the AELTC recently revealing their outline for how the schedule will look as a result.

Andy Murray has responded to the announcement, and not in complete agreement. In particular, he noted changes to the mixed doubles event.

“The inclusion of Middle Sunday will see the fourth round singles matches spread across two days,” the AELTC statement reads.

“The Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ singles matches will be mixed through the quarter-finals.

“The Mixed Doubles competition will be a 32-draw size with the final scheduled to take place on the second Thursday, following the Ladies’ singles semi-finals on Centre Court.”

Previously the mixed doubles was a 48-draw size, with 16 seeds receiving a bye to the second round.

While the two-time Wimbledon champion does like the idea of reducing the draw size, he is less keen on the match schedule.

“I agree with the changes to mixed doubles making it a smaller draw but not moving final much earlier,” he tweeted in response to a Tennis Podcast post about the news.

“I think if it started later due to the shorter draw you could make the sign in on Friday afternoon. If it then finished on Saturday/Sunday it would encourage more top players to play.

“Top players who have lost early in singles would be more inclined to play mixed in this scenario I believe.

“Right now the sign in for mixed is on Wednesday morning I think. So only top singles players who have lost in the first round may decide to play.

“If you change that to Friday/Saturday sign in you increase that pool of players significantly. More top doubles players would play in this scenario too I think.”

Murray drew much support from crowds when he entered the mixed doubles with seven-time singles, six-time doubles and 1998 mixed doubles champion Serena Williams back in 2019.

The pair reached the third round before falling to top seeds Bruno Soares and Nicole Melichar.