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How to get tickets for Wimbledon 2022 – 8 ways explained

The most well-known and prestigious event of the tennis calendar is back this June, so of course any tennis fan wants the chance to attend Wimbledon 2022, but how exactly can you do that?

In the 145 years since its inaugural edition in 1877, Wimbledon has and continues to grow as the most recognisable and popular tennis tournament in the world.

The tournament is now synonymous with the sport itself, and is a favourite among players and fans alike.

Centre Court and No. 1 Court provide an unparalleled show court experience, with state-of-the-art retractable roofs guaranteeing play no matter the weather.

Beyond the bigger arenas, the intimate and luxurious nature of the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC) contributes to the unique feel of the event in no small way.

Fans weave in and out between Courts No. 3 to 18, mere metres from some of the top players in the sport.


Wimbledon 2021 Ambience


All this begs the question, how can you get a ticket to The Championships for Wimbledon 2022?

The public ballot that was run by the AELTC up until 2019 will again not be held in 2022, neither will the LTA ballot or local tennis club ballots.

Other traditions like the queue and ticket resale do make a comeback though.

Here, Tennishead explains the 8 ways that you can land yourself tickets for the biggest tennis event of 2022.

1. Buy Wimbledon 2022 tickets online

While previously fans had access to balloting for tickets, after Covid forced the AELTC to streamline ticketing for 2021 they have decided to retain a similar format.

Check availability for Wimbledon tickets, which will be distributed via the official Wimbledon mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Availability of tickets will be held at strictly one pair of tickets per household.



2. The Wimbledon 2022 ticket queue

After the famous Wimbledon queue was abandoned for the 2021 event due to Covid restrictions, The Championships’ tradition is back in 2022.

Wimbledon is rare among major UK sporting events as a venue where you can obtain premium tickets on the day of play, with strictly one ticket sold to each person queueing. A limited number of tickets are available daily for Centre Court, No. 1 Court and No. 2 Court, apart from on the last four days on Centre Court, when all tickets are sold in advance.

Moreover, many thousands of Grounds Passes are available each day at the turnstiles, entitling the holder to use of unreserved seating and standing room on Courts No. 3 – 18.

While the return of the queue is welcomed by fans, Wimbledon will be adjusting the format from its last iteration in 2019.

Full details for those changes will be provided by the AELTC in due course.

Guide to Queueing

Watch this space for updates.


Wimbledon 2021 Outside Courts

3. Buy returned Wimbledon tickets on the day

Like the queue, ticket resale was done away with in 2021 as capacity was restricted for The Championships due to Covid.

That access to tickets is back for 2022, providing another pathway to attend the grass Slam.

On each day of play some ticket holders from the Wimbledon show courts, being Centre Court, No. 1 Court and No. 2 Court, will leave before play is completed.

Some of these early leavers will be courteous enough to return their tickets for resale.

The public can then buy these tickets for much less than face value and watch show court competition for the rest of the day in the seat designated to said tickets.

Eligibility for these tickets requires you to already be on the grounds of the All England Club.

Just go to the AELTC ticketing office and ask if they have any returned tickets.


Wimbledon crowd


4. Buy tickets through a corporate hospitality company

If you are comfortable spending more you can guarantee tickets by purchasing them through a corporate hospitably company like Keith Prowse.

While this is an expensive avenue for getting Wimbledon tickets, it is a sure thing.

Moreover, you can buy tickets for the court you want and the day you want, plus you will be treated to their signature hospitality including lunch and tea.

5. Buy a Wimbledon debenture

A debenture provides the holder the right to a buy a ticket for that seat on any and every day of the Wimbledon fortnight for five years from its purchase, the lifetime of the debenture.

Unfortunately, the current series of Centre Court debentures runs from 2021-2025.

Meanwhile applications for the new series of No. 1 Court debentures, from 2022-2026, are now closed, with applicants to be notified of their results in November.

However, there is the possibility of acquiring a debenture via a private arrangement, or through your stockbroker, as they are freely transferable.

If you are interested in getting a debenture this way, your stockbroker should visit the website of Dowgate Capital Stockbrokers Limited or email them on [email protected].

More information for Wimbledon debentures is available through the official Wimbledon website.

6. Buy Wimbledon 2022 tickets from a debenture holder

In 2006 the website was set up to connect members of the public to debenture holders.

Those members of the public can purchase tickets from debenture holders who are unable to attend The Championships on the day.

Such tickets are given some of the best views of the action at Wimbledon, making them a hot commodity every year.

They provide access to the exclusive debenture holder lounges as well as premium seats on Centre and No. 1 Court.

You can purchase a debenture ticket for either Centre Court or No. 1 Court in addition to match access for outside courts.

Online transactions through are all completely secure, giving you total confidence to buy through them.

7. Volunteer

It’s not the easiest route to obtain tickets but if you contact your local county Lawn Tennis Association office they might need the help of volunteers with specific skills that can benefit their tennis programme, and if you are lucky they might reward you for your volunteering with the right to buy a Wimbledon ticket.

8. Make friends with a member of the All England Lawn Tennis Club

It is important to remember that unlike the other three Slams, the Wimbledon fortnight is hosted on the grounds of a private members club, the All England Lawn Tennis Club and the tournament itself is organised by the members of the all England Lawn Tennis club and their appointed employees.

As such, a lucky few hundred people have access to a variety of courts all year round as members.

Those same members are able to buy tickets to The Championships each year.

They can distribute those tickets however they like but they mustn’t be resold.

So, perhaps you know or can make friends with someone who is a member and get yourself invited to a day at SW19!

Access for Wimbledon 2020 ballot winners

As mentioned, whereas in the past there were multiple ballots publicly and through your local tennis club, those are no longer available for the 2022 event.

Instead, guests who were successful for the 2020 ballot for the eventually cancelled event that year will be offered the same day and court for 2022.


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