Daniil Medvedev US Open 2021

Four-time Slam champion astounded by ‘unbelievable’ Daniil Medvedev movement

Daniil Medvedev is an exceptional player in many areas, especially concerning his movement according to this former world number one.

The world number two has drawn much attention for his unique playing style and on-court tactics.

And double Australian Open and Roland Garros champion Jim Courier has his own thoughts on Medvedev’s talent.

“[I’ve] never seen it,” he said according to the ATP tour. “Never seen anyone that tall be able to cover the court that well.

“[Alexander] Zverev and I think Medvedev are kind of in that same category of just [being] unbelievably long and unbelievably stout defensively.

“[Medvedev] is an interesting combo because he’s got a gigantic serve, one of the best first serves in the game, and he can also crank his second serve.

“But then once you get in a rally with him, his defence is amazing. He covers the court so well from the back.

“He can play offence, but his defence for me is really what separates him, his ability to make the court feel really small for his opponents.”

In particular, many have noted just how far back behind the baseline Medvedev will receive a serve.

He sometimes does so more than five metres behind the baseline when returning a big serve.

“He’s still one of the rare guys where if you give him a short ball, he might back up instead of come to the net,” Courier added.

“But he doesn’t hit from 25 feet behind the baseline on the return of serve and then stay back there all the time.

“He’ll come back up to the baseline and take time away from his opponents.”

In fact, Tennis TV produced this graphic to illustrate that exact point and posted it to their Twitter.

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