Elena Rybakina Wimbledon 2022

‘You wanted to see emotion’ jokes Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina while crying after win

Elena Rybakina has explained why she seemed so subdued after clinching her first ever Major title by winning Wimbledon on Saturday.

After a service return from Ons Jabeur sailed out to confirm the championship victory for the 23-year-old, it was hard to tell if she had won in the first round or the final. 

While every person reacts differently to situations, it was unusual to see such a massive career moment met with such a muted reaction from Rybakina.  

Once off Centre Court and when asked in her post-match press conference if she did not want to perhaps jump for joy or out of excitement, she replied: “No. I mean, I didn’t know what to do. It was shocking. I don’t know, maybe because I believe that I can do it deep inside. 

“But at the same time it’s, like, too many emotions. I was just trying to keep myself calm.”

So that emotion was there for Rybakina, it just did not surface on court. 

However, given the right question, the Kazakhstani did reveal that side of her. 

She was asked if she had had the chance to speak with her parents after the victory, as well as how they might feel about their daughter becoming Wimbledon champion. 

Rybakina responded: “Probably they’re going to be super proud,” as her voice cracked and she began to tear up, before adding, “You wanted to see emotion. I kept it in too long,” to which the gathered media laughed. 

“Maybe one day you will see huge reaction from me [on court], but unfortunately not today.”

She did admit that the grandeur and happiness of the achievement will likely set in in the coming days, but right now Rybakina is just trying to process these past two weeks at Wimbledon. 

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