Matteo Berrettini on Wimbledon 2022

Matteo Berrettini says Wimbledon ranking points decision ‘unfair but complicated’

Matteo Berrettini has made his voice heard on what he thinks of Wimbledon having its ranking points taken away, especially as he stands to lose more than most. 

The world number 10 will lose 1200 ranking points earned from last year’s final after Wimbledon 2022.

Berrettini has mixed feelings about that as he keeps in mind the root reason why this is even happening.

He said from Queen’s: “It’s a really difficult situation to handle for everybody.

“First of all for the people suffering [in Ukraine].

“In my specific case it’s really complicated because I played well last year on grass and it doesn’t matter how well I play this year, my ranking is going to drop. 

“I think that is not fair.

“[If] the ranking is working normally, the more you play, the better you play, the better your ranking is going to be. 

“I think this was taken away, that’s what I don’t agree with.”

The Italian can only drop points from now on the grass as he defends 500 points at Queen’s that he can only match and not better after winning the event in 2021.

Berrettini explained he wished the Wimbledon decision by the ATP to remove ranking points had been made differently. 

He went on: “Maybe ask the players.

“Nobody contacted us, nobody asked us our opinion about it, and I think it shouldn’t work like that.

“Maybe we should do something in order to avoid these kind of situations, because I think this is the biggest decision the ATP has taken in the last 20 years at least.”

“But here we are, fighting, playing.

“I’m really happy that I’m back on tour, that I won my first tournament of the year on grass.

“And I’m really happy to be back here at Queen’s.”

Despite the rankings fiasco, Berrettini is sure that players will still flock to SW19 this year.

(Photo credit Paul Zimmer)

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