ZsigŠ—Ès has added a range of new coaching tools

Zsig launches new coaching tools


Originally published on 20/09/15

Zsig has announced the launch of a new, fully portable Mini Tennis net which hosts two separate ‘helicopters’, all of which folds away quickly and easily into a carry bag.

The Zsig Early Years and Inclusive Hitting Station will pack away as easily as the best-selling Zsig Mini Tennis nets and will hit the market next month.

Manufactured in the UK, the helicopter is designed to put a static ball at the correct height for a learner to practise hitting the ball without the need to master either a toss or a connection with a moving ball.

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The helicopter ball cradles can accommodate both standard and over-sized tennis balls – such as Zsig’s SLOcoach Big Red – and will also work well with sponge balls.

The cradle strings are height-adjustable. Once the system is set up with three balls in place, the helicopter can be rotated so the learner has three hitting attempts without needing to change position. Once all three balls have been fired, the learner can move round to the other side of the net, while the coach refills.

“This is ideal for beginners and also for wheelchair tennis,” explains Zsig director Beverley Edwards. “You could have a pair hitting over the net, and two learners using the helicopters at either end of the net practising hitting all at the same time. It’s very versatile.

“We’re adding them to the Tennis Foundation’s Disability Packs, as they’re a very useful coaching tool – just so much easier to learn to connect a racket and ball when the ball is still and suspended in front of you.”

Also coming soon to the new Zsig website is the ServeMaster coaching aid, which aims to help players improve their service technique.

“We’ve brought in a couple of innovative coaching aids from the US which will be of interest to coaches and to players wanting to improve their game,” says Beverley. “We’ll be showcasing them on our new website, along with introductory special offers to celebrate the launch.”  

Endorsed by former world No.8 Janko Tipsarevic, the ServeMaster promises to help beginners learn to serve as well as advanced players add extra power and spin by giving a feel for the sequence of movements required for the serve and ironing out imprecision in the service motion.

“The ServeMaster gives every player a true understanding, and a real feel of the sequence of movements in the kinetic chain for the serve and allows players to experience in real time what the entire motion feels like, which is also known as immersive learning,” says the company behind the training aid.

“The secret to the serve is to link the movement segments together so that they work together as a chain or linkage system. This functional movement in the tennis serve is the key to power, spin and control through rhythmic movement and timing.”

The Early Years and Inclusive Hitting Station costs £66 will be available on Call 0161 484 5000 to order yours now.

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