Wilson Blade V9 tennis racket review

Wilson Blade V9 tennis racket review

The Wilson blade is fast becoming the racket of choice for many of the World’s best performing players, which is why a new version (We are now onto number 9) was so highly anticipated by both club players and pro’s alike. Tennishead just had to give this one the ‘full treatment’ so we headed onto the testing courts.

The Blade range is designed for feel and control. This doesn’t mean you can’t generate blistering power but you will have to be a good enough player to do much of that ‘power generation’ yourself as the racket isn’t built to add huge amounts of power if you are swinging softly. This means that beginners and intermediates are probably not going to want to gravitate towards a Blade until they are confident enough to swing at full speed.

There are 100 sq in and 104 sq in head size versions of the new Blade V9 available which are more suitable for those players who want a racket to help them create ball speed, whereas stronger, more advanced ‘team’ players will want to try either the 18×20 or the 16×19 versions.

For our testing we decided to try both these rackets and our testers are both strong ATP Tour players so the 100 sq in version of the V9 wouldn’t suit them anyway.


What’s new about the Blade V9 compared to the hugely popular V8?

Plenty to talk about here as Wilson have integrated now fewer than 6 tech enhancements into the 9th version of the Blade. Let’s break them down (using Wilson’s own words)…


“The new Blade technology that provides an enhanced, firmer feel that increases stability and creates a more connected-to-the-ball feel. Designed with avid players in mind, this “sharper Blade” is ideal for those seeking to improve their game.”

The handle

“Carbon fiber handle extends to directly connect with end cap for improved feel and enhanced torsional stability.”

The grip

“Tapered grip lends better feel for top-handed grip placement on two-handed backhand.”


“Elastic and reactive material combination improves the flex of a racket to increase ball contact with the strings for enhanced feel and greater control.”

Bumper strip and grommets

“The new Click&Go technology lets you replace your B&G’s with ease, helping prolong your racket’s lifespan.”

Frame layup

“Patent-protected frame layup produces more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the more modern, vertical swing path. Material increases both flexibility and stability without compromise through the swing.”


The Wilson Blade V9 (16×19 & 18×20) review

It’s crucial for our credibility that when we take a product out onto court we let the players try it out and then we simply publish what they report. It’s the only truly unbiased method of reviewing a racket. This time we were joined by Sean & David who are professional tennis players on the ATP Tour.

Sean currently uses the new Wilson Pro Staff v14 (weight 345g) as he likes the stiffness of the racket which suits his hard hitting style. David uses the Wilson Blade V8. He’s an aggressive baseliner who wants to be able to control the ball with power from anywhere on the court.


Watch as our experienced racket testers takes the Wilson Blade V9 16×19 and 18×20 onto court:



First Impressions of the racket when hitting groundstrokes?

David: “The stability in the handle is really improved and very helpful. I wouldn’t say that overall it’s a huge change (from the V8) and it’s kept all of the core Blade feel, but it gives you a bit more pop and feel and when you’re under pressure you just feel like ‘it’s got you’.”


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How does the Blade V9 compare to the Wilson Pro Staff?

Sean: “It’s interesting how it’s still able to generate all that power and you get a stiff feeling on the frame. With my Pro Staff it’s a very heavy (345g) and less manoeuvrable frame whereas with this Blade V9 you can manipulate the ball quite comfortably especially when you are attacking the net. It’s very easy to move around which I don’t get from the Pro Staff which is better for serving. I was really impressed”


How did the Blade V9 perform for control, power, spin when hitting your groundstrokes?

David: “I’d say you get more spin which might be down to trusting the racket a bit more from the extra stability in the V9. You feel like you can really commit to your shots. The quality in every aspect of the racket is good. You can get a good shape on your shots, you can manoeuvre the ball, you can get that feeling where you can adapt the shot so it’s a beautiful racket.”


Did the stiffer from on the V9 (compared to the V8) give you more power?

David: “It’s more about trust with this racket. You can let it go and the racket will do the work whereas the V8 you had to put a little bit of work yourself into it. The V9 feels more effortless and you get that pop and direct ball flight which is what I like about the Blade”



How was the stability of the Blade compared to your Pro Staff?

Sean: “For the weight of racket with the set up, I think it performs really well on stability. I was really surprised. I’ve never used a Blade and it doesn’t feel wobbly at all ”


Both of our testers said the preferred the 16×19 head size compared to the 18×20. Why was that?

Sean: “That’s down to the way I play with lots of spin whereas a player who hits flatter will find the 18×20 version really effective because it gives you that added control and doesn’t fly as much off the strings. both versions of the V9 have their benefits and it depends on how you play as to which one suits you best.”

David: “I liked the natural ball flight. The first time you hit with the 16×19 the ball just goes up over the net then dips with that nice rainbow effect on it’s flight whereas the 18×20 has a more direct ball flight. The way I play as an aggressive baseliner I need to be able to create the shape on the ball especially when I’m in tough spots on the court as the 16×19 helped me do that, like on a passing shot when I can create that ‘up and down’ flight. The 18×20 is flatter on the ball flight so it’s tougher to bring the ball down”


How did the Blade V9 perform on volleys and touch shots?

David: “Volleys I found were solid with that ‘brick wall’ feeling where you punch the ball and it would hold and be stable whereas sometimes with the Blade V8 on the tricky volleys you have to try and manoeuvre it a little.”


How did the Blade V9 perform on your serves?

David: “When hitting a slice serve the 16×19 frame was a lot easier to use because the string pattern helped the ball adapt to the spin. However with the 18×20 you can flatten your serve really well. It’s a hard hitters racket.”


And finally, do you like the new design of the Blade V9 compare to the V8?

Sean: “I think this is a way better looking racket. I liked the green (of the V8) but I think this V9 is absolutely stunning. It’s especially cool with the string colour matched to the racket colour which I’ve not seen many other brands doing”

David: “I think it looks like the Wilson Ultra which is confusing my brain!”


Tech specs

Wilson Blade V9 16×19

  • Weight Unstrung: 305g
  • Head size: 98 sq in
  • Balance (+/- 5mm): 320mm
  • Lenght: 27 in
  • String pattern: 16×19
  • Material: Carbon fibre

Wilson Blade V9 18×20

  • Weight Unstrung: 305g
  • Head size: 98 sq in
  • Balance (+/- 5mm): 330mm
  • Lenght: 27 in
  • String pattern: 18×20
  • Material: Carbon fibre


What’s the conclusion about the Wilson Blade V9

Both our testers were very complimentary and could obviously feel the difference from the tech developments Wilson have added to the Blade V9. The increased stability of the frame really stood out, especailly to David who currently uses the V8.

To garner such high praise from a self confessed Wilson Pro Staff addict was also interesting and goes to show why so many top players have switched to using the Wilson Blade.

It’s apparent that the V9 is more than just an ‘update’ on the V8 with the work they’ve done on the stability in the handle and frame plus the materials and lay up they’ve chosen having a really positive impact on the playability of both the 16×19 head size and the 18×20 version.

If you’re confident in your game, enough to hit the ball at full speed, and are looking for control and manoeuvrability from a racket then this new Wilson Blade V9 is definitely worth testing.


Buy the Wilson Blade V9

Head over to your local tennis retailer to purchase this latest version of the Wilson Blade V9 or buy direct from Wilson


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