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What is the right way to bet on tennis?

Tennis is a well-known popular game that has been around for centuries. You can bet on this sport on advantageous terms at It offers high odds, minimal commissions, safe ways to withdraw winnings, fast transactions. In addition to the profitable gambling site bettor should get acquainted with the rules of successful betting on the sport in advance. With the necessary knowledge, the player will be able to get rich by performing simple manipulations.

Basic rules

Tennis was first mentioned back in the eleventh century. The sport is now in the top 10 of the world bookmaker pool. This is a high achievement which is due to the great love of tennis by many people from all over the world. There are a total of three types of the game – men’s, women’s and mixed. The latter involves two players per team. The rules for betting on this sport are quite specific and differ from the standard ones. Therefore, it is worth knowing the nuances specific to the process.

List of rules for successful tennis betting:

  • Bets on games;
  • Bets on favourites;
  • On the first point;
  • On the exact score;
  • Bets on totals.

First and foremost, in order to bet on tennis, the bettor must understand the rules of the game, know the results of many matches and the leading athletes in this field. The most popular are the singles events. It is on them that most bets are placed. The essence of tennis is that the player needs to take 6 games in all sets. If the names of the sport’s strongest players are known in advance, it is easier for the bettor to win. Some of the above rules are also acceptable when betting on volleyball or table tennis.

Game betting

When betting on games, it is not a good idea to bet on matches where the clear favourite is the favourite. Such an approach is not likely to bring big winnings. The basic rule when betting on games is to choose matches in which opponents with approximately equal strengths will compete. In this case, the bookmaker often offers higher odds, which will allow you to get a decent income. To find favourites among equally strong opponents, it is worth using your knowledge of each opponent’s weaknesses and taking them into account when betting.

Betting on favourites

When betting on favourites you should first investigate the odds offered by the bookmaker’s office. A value between 1.45 and 1.65 is considered the optimal range. You should only bet on the favourite if it is obvious. To get the knowledge of this, you can study the data of trusted analysts or watch the games of athletes on your own. It also allows you to win big money on very short notice.

On First Betting

When selecting first-point bets it is important to research the details of the athletes beforehand. This can also be done by using the available information on the internet or by relying on your own knowledge. More specifically, it is important to look up who the top-scorers are that often take the first point. It is possible to bet on both the falling athlete and the receiving athlete. The only difference is that in the former case, the odds are often higher, which may bring a larger winnings.

Exact score

When placing a money bet on exact scores there are many factors that can influence the result. The previous performance of the players should be taken into consideration. One should also study the peculiarities and style of each of the tennis players. For instance, one may perform better on grass, while the other is better on clay. It is also believed that the most suitable odds for betting on the exact score are those under 1.50. This value allows you to determine the most advantageous matches for the bettor, in which it is easier to predict the result.

Bets on totals

The total is the number of games played in a match. There is also money to be made on this value. It is worth knowing that in a match consisting of two sets, the value of games is approximately 22. One should remember that there are exceptions, and the total can be much higher. In matches consisting of five sets, the average number of games is thirty-six. The value of the total may be higher on fast surfaces. It is also worth examining the strength of serving and receiving. This factor also affects the number of totals. With a good serve and a weak serve, the value is higher, as well as vice versa.

Tennis is an interesting game with a fascinating process that can not only be watched, but you can also make money from the sport with the help of betting sites. Personal knowledge and use of the rules can lead to a successful outcome of the process. It is also important to choose a bookmaker’s office that offers favourable betting conditions. All these combined are capable of leading a person to success in tennis betting.

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