Djokovic Australian Open 2021

What are the betting predictions for major tennis competitions this season?

This current tennis season has been a mix of new blood rising to fame as well as veteran players showing why they are still regarded as some of the best tennis players on this planet.

Carlos Alcaraz is the 19-year-old tennis prodigy who won his first-ever grand slam title taking home the US Open title. For the women, Iga Swiatek also managed to win the US Open for the first time at the young age of just 21. This will make it tricky to start predicting future winners and means that proper research will be required before participating in any online sports betting to have the best chance at success.

It is never easy to predict the winners of the major tennis tournaments, however, by looking at the recent history of the winners, you can begin to get an idea of who has a good chance of victory compared to the others. Below we will go through some of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year and discuss the favorites. This may help when making those often difficult decisions on who to root for at each competition.

Australian Open

First up is the Australian Open which will take place in Melbourne, Australia. The winner of this tournament is predicted by the bookies to be young tennis superstar Carlos Alcaraz. He is playing with immense form, and after his victory at the US Open, many people have him as the favorite at the next major grand slam. He has shown that he plays exceptionally well on a hard court, so the Australian Open will be a good test to see if he will continue his winning streak. Alcaraz appears to be a player that flourishes under pressure. Unlike many other tennis players that have struggled after their first major win, Alcaraz looks like the expectation people have of him is only fuelling his desire to perform at his best. All eyes will be on Carlos Alcaraz as he looks for back-to-back wins at grand slam tournaments, cementing his position as the best current tennis player in the world.

For the women, Coco Gauff is the player that many people have their eye on to win the Australian Open. She started playing professionally at the age of just 15, and since then, it was clear that she had a promising future. She has managed to reach the finals of a tournament as well as the quarter-finals but is still waiting for that big win. Many people think it will come very soon, especially now that she has managed to break into the top 10 rankings for tennis players for the very first time.

French Open

The French Open is the grand slam tournament that takes place in Paris. This tournament is played on clay courts, and the king of these types of courts is still the favorite to win yet another title at this major event. The king of clay courts is, of course, Rafael Nadal, who has won the French Open a whopping 14 times. If this doesn’t show why he is a clear favorite, then the fact that he has also won 5 out of the last 6 titles should. If Nadal does win the French Open, it will be the 23rd major title of his career. Although there are other players that are looking like they might put up a good fight against Nadal, the odds are still in his favor and will continue to be until someone steps up to the challenge and proves otherwise.

For the women, the predicted winner of the French Open is, once more, Iga Swiatek. She has gone on a recent 37-game winning streak and has shown that she is capable of playing her best game on a variety of different types of courts. She was the previous French Open winner, and it looks pretty difficult to see anyone else beating her on the court this year.


Wimbledon is the tournament that every tennis player dreams of winning. There is only really one name going around as the favorite for this tournament, and it’s the player that has won the last four Wimbledon tournaments. This is, of course, Novak Djokovic, who has shown that he is the master of the grass court. There has been some uncertainty about whether or not Djokovic will be able to participate in these tournaments due to the controversy that occurred in Australia; however, if all goes to plan, he is the likely winner of the next Wimbledon major grand slam.

The predicted winner of the next ladies’ Wimbledon grand slam tournament is none other than Ons Jabeur. She has managed to reach the final of Wimbledon and the final of the US Open but has failed to secure the win both times. She is playing very well at the moment, and many people think Wimbledon might be the next tournament where she could go all the way. Jabeur plays well on various surfaces, so the grass courts will not be a problem for her. Tune into the next Wimbledon, held at the All England Club, to see if she can get her fourth career title.

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