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Use your non-hitting arm to create space on your forehand


Originally published on: 26/11/10 11:31

Key points: When the ball invitingly rears up off the courts – just waiting for you to strike a forehand – to improve your timing you should:

Direct your non-hitting arm towards the ball like a radar, watching it all the way before striking up through the ball. This will improve your point of contact and balance through the shot.

Benefits: Using your non-hitting arm as a guide will help give you the space to ensure the point of contact is outside your body and you’re not cramped up, which should make for a firmer and more controlled stroke.

Play a five minute rally just on your forehand, making a concious effort to go through that process. It’ll help to ensure the action becomes second nature when you approach your forehand in future.

Thanks to Head Coach Jim Edgar and Team Bath-MCTA Academy for their assistance.


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