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Top 10 most memorable Roger Federer matches

As one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time, Roger Federer has racked up an impressive archive of dramatic wins and sensational moments.

The legendary star (now aged 41) has a collection of matches that are timeless. His professionalism and poise on the court, whether it was clay, grass, hard or carpet, will be analyzed and mimicked (but not replicated) by generations for years to come. A favorite among sports betting sites as well, Federer impacted the game as an athlete and as a popular pick in the online gambling world.

Although it was a daunting task, we broke down some of the most memorable matches of Federer’s historic 24-year (ATP) career. This list (in no particular order) looks at remarkable matches from his career, whether they were record-breaking, career-making or heartbreaking.

2007 Australian Open vs. Andy Roddick – An exemplary display of talent, Federer defeated Andy Roddick in the Semi-Finals of the Australian Open. Federer would go on to defeat Roddick in straight sets, including a 6-0 dismantling in the second set. Anytime Roddick would push back, Federer showed professional prowess over the American.

2003 Masters Cup vs. Andre Agassi – Many consider this match-up to be the early sighting of what Federer would become. After escaping their Round Robin battle by the skin of his teeth, prime Federer was born by dropping Agassi in straight sets, including a dominating 6-0 second set.

2008 Wimbledon vs. Rafael Nadal – The storied rivalry between Federer and Nadal, the 2008 Wimbledon Final saw top-ranked Federer lose to Nadal in nearly 5 hours of action. At the time, it was the longest singles final played at Wimbledon. Despite his loss, this match was considered one of the greatest of Federer’s career (and one of the greatest tennis matches ever played).

2005 US Open vs. Andre Agassi – The end of an era, Federer was on the come up in his career while Agassi was on the way out. Despite his best efforts, Agassi managed to win only one set against the rising Federer. Agassi was the oldest US finalist in 31 years but the youthfulness of Federer outshined his opponent in the final.

2009 Wimbledon vs. Andy Roddick – Federer v. Roddick was a thrilling rivalry for both men in their respective careers. This was the third time these men met in the final of Wimbledon and while winning, Federer would break records. With his victory, Federer would capture his 15th grand slam championship, a record-breaking feat.

2019 Wimbledon vs. Rafael Nadal – Another Semi-Final tilt, these two foes hadn’t met on London grass since 2008. This would mark the final appearance of Federer in a major final. Defeating Nadal in 4 sets, Federer would go on to the Wimbledon final but managed to lose to Novak Djokovic. In the 2019 SF, many commented on the mental switch that overcame Federer after dropping the second set. Federer would win sets 1, 3 and 4 to eliminate Nadal.

2008 French Open vs. Rafael Nadal – Nadal would go on to win the French Open over Federer, which was a crushing defeat for the Swiss native. However, Federer’s compliments of Nadal and respect for his longtime opponent and foe helped fans understand that while the pair may compete on the court, there is a great appreciation of their respective talents off it.

2017 Australian Open vs. Rafael Nadal – Not winning a Grand Slam in 5 years, Federer shocked the world and defeated Nadal in 2017. The 35-year-old’s victory at the Australian Open would be the final Grand Slam victory of his career. It was fitting that he would achieve another title against his legendary rival, ending the match in 5 sets.

2011 French Open vs. Novak Djokovic – Having already defeated Djokovic 6 months earlier in London, Federer would get the better of Djokovic once again. This time, Federer stopped the unbeaten run of Novak, dating back to the Davis Cup World Group. The shocking victory is appreciated by Federer fans and his win at Roland Garros was regarded as one of the best matches of the year.

2004 US Open vs. Lleyton Hewitt – Winning in straight sets, the 2004 victory marked the first of 5 consecutive victories at the US Open (04-08) for Roger. It was sheer domination from Federer, who managed to secure 2 bagels in the victory. Federer’s victory was the first time since 1988 that a player had won 3 Grand Slam titles in a single season, also winning the Australian Open and Wimbledon.

Which match should we have included on this list? It was hard to comb through and pick, but we believe our list highlights the biggest matches during his 21 year (singles) professional career.

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