Carlos Alcaraz compared to Djokovic

‘The only player as good as Carlos Alcaraz was at 15 was Rafa Nadal’, says expert

Greg Rusedski said Rafael Nadal is the only player he has seen who was as good as Carlos Alcaraz at 15, but it is too early to talk about the Spaniard winning Grand Slams.

Alcaraz will face his idol Nadal on his 18th birthday in the second round of the ATP Masters 1000 event in Madrid on Wednesday.

Rusedski was asked on Prime Video UK if it is too early to talk about Alcaraz winning multiple Grand Slam titles.

“Definitely, no question about that. You can’t even talk about Slams now,” Rusedski replied.

“He’s got to win a title first at 250 level, then 500, then 1000 – which is a difficult task to do in this generation.

“So let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we’ve had a lot of hype. The only kid I’ve seen that was that good at 15 years of age was Rafael Nadal.

“If you would have said to me when I saw him at 15: ‘would he win multiple Slams?’, (I would have said) yes. With this youngster Alcaraz, not sure yet. That’s still a big step to take.”