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The Most Memorable ATP Finals Over The Years

With roots as far back as the 1969 Masters in Tokyo, the annual end-of-year championship, now known as the Nitto ATP (Association of Tennis Professions) Finals, has seen some incredible moments. Across multiple countries and over more than 50 decades, the ATP finals have highlighted the absolute pinnacle of tennis with some of the sport’s most famous and intense matches. So, here is a selection of just some of the most memorable moments and matches in the impressive history of the ATP Tour Finals.

Some of the best ATP players

When it comes to ATP competitors who are still in the running, it is impossible to ignore Rafael Nadal. Second only to Roger Federer in the number of years qualified and eighth on the list of all-time match win leaders, Nadal is definitely a solid choice to back considering his previous track record. Another player with a history to consider backing in this year’s men’s singles is Novak Djokovic. Again, only bested by Roger Federer, Djokovic boasts the second most all-time match wins. Holding an impressive five ATP titles, Nadal is a big tennis favourite and is sure to have a range of interesting tennis odds for his matches in the ATP Finals and other tennis tournaments all year round.

  • 2010 Semi-Final – Murray vs Nadal

In an impressively close semi final, Murray pushed his opponent with every hit. The game was a gripping feat and featured the lead of the match frequently switching hands. At this point, Nadal was already the champion of three Grand Slams for the year only to find Murray leading by three points in a final tie break during the 2010 ATP semi final. In a remarkable dash to victory, Nadal won the game, achieving seven of the ten deciding points.

  • 2010 Final – Federer vs Nadal

Following a disappointing losing streak of six matches lost against Nadal, Federer returned for a seventh game against the Spanish player. Federer had also just been beaten by Tomas Berdych in a game that put an end to his series of 23 Grand Slam semi-final appearances, earning him a record streak. Despite the odds against him and a flurry of losses to contend with, Federer played furiously and came out on top, winning 6-3 3-6 6-1 to match the world record of five title wins.

  • 2014 Semi-Final – Federer vs Wawrinka

Drama surrounded this tense match as it was a rare opportunity to watch the two friends battle on the tennis court. The game saw some fierce competition and ended with a win for Federer following accusations that his wife had been heckling his opponent during the game. Despite his win, Federer was unable to play the final match due to injury. Wawrinka has since confessed that there was a lot of tension following the event, however, the two went on to win the Davis Cup together only a week later, achieving this for the first time for Switzerland.

  • 2016 Final – Murray vs Djokovic

In the final ATP match of 2016, fans were treated to an extraordinary competition between top performing tennis players, Murray and Djokovic. Murray had previously beaten the second, third, fourth and fifth players in the world only to go on to find victory against Djokovic too. This was his 24th consecutive win, an astounding achievement that far surpassed any of his competitors.

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