Boris Becker Novak Djokovic

“The criticism is unfair” Grand Slam legend jumps to defence of Novak Djokovic after Adria Tour Coronavirus outbreak

A 6-time Grand Slam Champion has backed Novak Djokovic in the continuing fall-out from his Adria Tour where Djokovic himself and multiple tennis players were probably infected by COVID-19


Boris Becker says that, whilst the late night partying and basketball game during the Adria Tour organised by Novak Djokovic was unnecessary, the reason all the players attended was the right one.

Becker was speaking at the launch of, a new online coaching service which members of the tennishead CLUB receive Gold Level access to as part of their annual subscription.

Becker said, “I want to defend Novak. I think the criticism he gets is unfair. The reason why everybody showed up was the right one. Yes I’m in agreement that maybe the party and basketball wasn’t necessary but I used to be 30 years old and when i see my friends I like to enjoy myself a little and when the camera is init in this day and age its always dangerous. I understand the temptation but i thin it was done for the right reasons and so we should hope that all players effected and everybody involved gets heal;thy and back on their feet and the tennis tour will resume with safety.”

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