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The Core Precision Undershirt…


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:38

The Core Precision Undershirt from Aussie firm Equmen has two purposes: to improve postural alignment with the core muscle support from next generation fabrics, and to make you look good while wearing it.

The form-fitting [read: form-improving] nature of the undershirt is designed to improve posture and provide a stronger core for sporting activities, such as golf, football and tennis. However, the figure-hugging tops also instantly improve how you look on a daily basis; think of it as a girdle for men.

The tops, which are available in a range of tanks, tees and long-sleeves variants, have received numerous celebrity testimonials from the likes of former England & Spurs forward Les Ferdinand (“this is a pretty miraculous product”) and even Gary Barlow (“this shirt is the business!”). Admit it, now you want one!

The high-compression singlet retails for £49, the v-neck for £59 and the longsleeve will set you back £69. Colour options are white, blue or black.

The extra-compression versions retail for an extra £10 and are only available in grey.

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