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The Best Tennis Games to Play in 2023

When it comes to gaming enthusiasts across the globe, action-adventure games are the most popular genre. An interesting study by Statista shows that 50-64% of gamers across age groups prefer action-adventure games.

Action-adventure games are popular because they offer a perfect blend of puzzle solving and storytelling. Also, these games allow the gamers to explore and experience new worlds and environments.

However, recently games based on various sports are also gaining popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Today, there are games based on popular sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis and more.

As the popularity of tennis continues to grow, there is a growing demand for tennis-based video games as well. There are a handful of tennis games available today for various platforms.

Top Tennis Video Games in 2023

Thanks to the tennis video games, tennis fans no longer need to be in a tennis court to enjoy the game. Let’s have a look at some of the best such games out there.

1] Top Spin 4

Probably the most popular tennis-based video game today is the Top Spin 4. Launched in 2011, this game was developed by 2K Czech and is available on PS3 and XBOX360.

The immensely advanced quality of the graphics offered by Top Spin 4, makes for an enhanced gaming experience. It is the latest version of the original Top Spin and offers numerous options to the gamers.

The gamers also have the option to customise the characters and also play for a team of their choice. The advanced responsive control is another feature that stands out.

2] Virtua Tennis (World Tour)

What really makes Virtua Tennis (World Tour) stand out is the customization. Players can customise their characters that travel the world to play international games.

The game was launched way back in 2005 by Sumo Digital and is still highly popular among gaming enthusiasts. The game stands out because of its high-end graphics and features.

This game offers gamers to choose from multiple tournament modes, which is a great feature. The game was designed to have 4 players playing at once.

3] Super Tennis Blast

The Super Tennis blast, a popular tennis-based video game, was launched in 2019. It’s a game developed by Unfinished Pixel and offers the next level of responsive control.

This popular game is available on PS4, XBOX ONE and Microsoft Windows and stands out because of being user friendly. There are multiple game modes available, along with in-game training.

If you are a tennis fan, you’ll find that the training is quite comprehensive and includes various tricks that you can learn. The game is all about gamers playing in a tennis tournament.

4] AO Tennis 2

Another popular tennis-based video game is the AO Tennis 2, launched on 9th January 2020. Developed by Big Ant Studios, this game is available on XBOX ONE, PS4 and Microsoft Windows.

Over the past two years, this game has become quite popular with gaming enthusiasts. One of the highlights of this game is an amazing career mode which draws gamers.

The game also allows advanced customization of your character and racket for a personalised gaming experience. The game also offers regular updates to fix bugs and enhance gameplay.

5] Golden Games by Playtech

The last game that we have on this list is a casino game based on tennis. A slot game, it was inspired by the tennis tournament.

The symbols on the slot machine for this game comprises tennis elements, such as rackets, balls, medals, rings and torches. The slot machine consists of 5 reels, along with 25 paylines.

The best thing about this game is that it offers multiple attractive bonuses and is relatively easy to play. You can play this tennis themed slot game online anytime anywhere.

Just like any other online casino game, leading casinos like Virgin Games, offer this game and many other similar games. Thanks to online casinos, you can play this game from the comfort of your home.

6] Grand Slam Tennis 2

Launched in 2012, the Grand Slam Tennis 2 is available on PS3 and XBOX360. The game is known for the classic tennis it offers and allows gamers to play online.

Developed by EA Canada, this is one of the most-loved tennis-based games ever. A very interesting feature of the Grand Slam Tennis 2 is that it allows you to choose the legends of tennis as your opponents.

Can it get more exciting than that? There is also the option to participate in Grand Slam tournaments and become a Grand Slam Tennis champion.


Even though the number of tennis-based video games are relatively less, there are some really cool games out there. While some of these games are available on all platforms, others are restricted to one or two platforms only.

Over the last few years, some really amazing tennis-based video games have arrived at the scene. The developers are also continuously striving to bring in new features for gamers.

So, whether you play tennis or just a fan of the sport, there is a game out there that you can enjoy playing. Have you tried out any of these games yet?


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