Tennishead’s top ten tennis WAGs!


Originally published on: 26/02/10 14:34

Celebrity watching at tennis events has become almost as interesting as whats going on down on court recently even Roger Federers at it.

Who would have thought the likes of Gwen Stefani would have ever graced the players box on Centre Court?
And will anyone sitting in those coveted seats ever look as bored again?

The most recent addition to tennis VIP seats is Olympic javelin thrower and former Miss Paraguay runner-up Leryn Franco the current Mrs Novak Djokovic, by all accounts.

The 26-year-old athlete-cum-model is the latest in a long line of beautiful (and bizarre) tennis girlfriends and wives.

Here are our top ten

1. Mark Philippoussis and PARIS HILTON
No sooner had he caused a public outcry back home by ditching popular Aussie warbler Delta Goodrem in 2004, the Scud was back on the market. Or was he? Some reports suggested hed already hooked up with none other than Paris Hilton before parting company with Goodrem (who, incidentally, cant even squeeze into our top 10). These rumours led to a national newspaper running a headline suggesting the Scud was a cad. Strewth.

2. Mark Philippoussis and ANNA KOURNIKOVA
Hes a one, that Scud. Goodrem, Hilton and now Anna Kournikova? It was only a matter of time before he appeared on a reality TV dating show wasnt it? The Aussie and the Russian glamourpuss got together back in 1999 and his former coach, Pat Cash, later wrote in his autobiography that Kournikova demanded that Philippoussis phone her several times a day to tell her she was beautiful. The lovebirds caused Cash much strife during their player-coach relationship. How do you tell a fit, eligible young man that it’s probably not a good idea to spend the night with Anna Kournikova before a big match? he once said.

3. Andre Agassi and BARBRA STREISAND
If this were the top 10 oddest tennis-celebrity relationships then Andre would win hands down. Double A, as he was known on tour, and the world famous singer and actress (who is 28 years Agassis senior) were dating during the 1992 US Open when Streisand famously described Agassi as her special friend who played like a Zen master. Go figure.

4. Andre Agassi and BROOKE SHIELDS
What is it with these tennis players their celebrity relationships come in pairs! Next in line for Andre was another hot US actress, Brooke Shields, who he married on April 19, 1997. The much-publicised relationship ended in annulment almost exactly two years later, however, which cleared the way for a new Mrs Andre Agassi, one Steffi Graf. The rest is history.

5. Pete Sampras and BRIDGETTE WILSON
Not the sort of fella youd have marked down for a celebrity fling, but not only did Samrpas date and the couple now have two sons, Christian and Ryan.

6. Andy Roddick and BROOKLYN DECKER
The first of two entries for A-Rod, if youll pardon the phrase. As we write, this is Roddicks latest partner, who he Sports Illustrated swimsuit work. The young couples relationship was allegedly the reason behind the split between Roddick and former coach Jimmy Connors. They say romance and tennis dont mix and the Americans form since going public with Decker is living proof of this.

7. Guillermo Canas and FABIANA SEMPREBOM
This unlikely duo could also qualify for a


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