Tennishead tribute to Tommy Hindley


Originally published on: 25/09/13 00:00

Here tennishead photographer Mike Frey pays tribute to a great tennis photographer and colleague.

“I first met Tommy after I had taken the gig to provide sequentials (strip photos of player shots) for ACE Tennis Magazine back in 2007. I met Tom at the Queens Club tournament in the photographers' media room and he prodded me in the chest and said, 'so you are the one, what the hell do you know about tennis?'

At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this lisping, curly haired little fellow who looked more hobbit than hard man, but I realised he had a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. I knew straight away there was no malice in his mind but a mildly annoying acceptance of 'here comes another one'.

I got to know Tommy very well over the next six years and always looked forward to seeing him at tournaments all over the globe. He was sometimes hilarious, usually entertaining, often frustrating and always completely self- focused, but he was unquestionably a fantastically talented snapper and a thoroughly decent bloke.

We kidded, we bantered and sometimes we argued like our lives depended on it, but whatever Tommy got up to, his photography always won through.

Tommy was a true talent and a tennis nut. He often told me he should have been playing on the wing for Spurs and not wasting his time with photography, but you know, I don't think anything would have given him the pleasure and satisfaction that he derived from his art.

And now, sadly he is gone, taken so quickly and suddenly from our tennis photography gang.

When I was at Wimbledon this year, (Tommy was absent due to his illness) I spent a long time on the stairs in the media centre looking at Tommy's photos of the past greats that adorn the walls of the club he loved so much.

Tommy, you were that good and for that you will always be remembered.”

Mike Frey, AMN Images, is the tennishead photographer and sits on the committee of the International Tennis Photographer’s Association


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