Join the Tennishead CLUB and receive lifetime access to and their team of world class coaches including Boris Becker


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All members of the Tennishead CLUB receive instant access to 150 hours of unique online tennis coaching from a team of the world’s best players and coaches


Designed to help you play better tennis, these professionally produced coaching instruction videos are of the highest quality and feature legendary coaches such as Wolfgang Thiem, father and coach to Grand Slam winner Dominic Thiem, alongside some of the greatest names to have played the game like Boris Becker and former World No.4 Dominika Cibulkova. Marco Panichi also offers a course. Marco has been Novak Djokovic’s fitness trainer for his whole career.

Each coaching star has provided training plans suitable for all levels of player divided into three categories – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Additionally, the Top Level Tennis access gives you a package of “extras” including professional training articles and ebooks with graphics showing the most advanced tennis shots.

No matter what standard of tennis player you are, absolute beginner, club player, team standard, what you’ll learn from watching these instructional videos will improve your game and help you enjoy tennis even more.

What is Top Level Tennis?


🎾 Online tennis coaching including shot tuition, fitness, mental training, warm ups and more

🎾 A team of 6 experts with around 10 videos per expert. Each video lasts approx. 17 minutes

🎾 Training plan documents covering a range of standards & difficulty levels PLUS a knowledge test at the end of each plan

🎾 Training articles written by the coaches and players to help polish your tennis skills

🎾 Lifetime access

Who are the coaches?

Boris Becker introduction video


Dominika Cibulkova introduction video

Ula Radwanska introduction video