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Renew your Tennishead CLUB membership and build your tennis strength with Programme

We’ll give you instant access to this personalised training programme that builds tennis strength


Programme is a personalised app-based strength & conditioning tool that helps you create habits that respect the body and achieve life-long results.

Programme creates each session from the ground up, by selecting specific exercises, weights, reps, session structures and progressions, based on an understanding of your body’s needs. By examining their roles  as personal trainers they’ve developed an algorithm that learns from your past sessions, available equipment and changing lifestyle.This allows Programme to reach a new level of granularity and personalisation not seen in the fitness market until now

For example, try following their guide to the 8 best core exercises for tennis players


Tennishead CLUB members receive a voucher code that allows 1 year of access to the full Programme app. By learning from your training experience, past workouts and available equipment, Programme builds your most optimal workout plan that adapts to your progress.

What is Programme?


Currently, the best step you can take to improve your physical health is to engage a personal trainer. With the ability to see to your lifestyle, personal trainers can create customised training plans to match it, all while adapting to your progressions and your equally important regressions. If you compared someone who works with a personal trainer, to your everyday workout class go-er, you’d see the value direction has on your training.

However, personal training doesn’t come without it’s fair share of problems, the common ones being high price-tags, dogmatic training styles, varying quality, and required localisation. When we began our work, we questioned what it would take to provide the same service at a more affordable price point, with accessible training styles, consistent high quality, and available from anywhere in the world. The only way to deliver something like this is with an intelligent system that could automate the entire decision stack of a personal trainer, inclusive of decisions made consciously based on logic and subconsciously based on intuition. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.