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Fit4Tennis is the perfect complement to your tennis training, helping you improve your strength, endurance, and overall fitness, ultimately leading to better performance on the court.

With Fit4Tennis, you can access a selection of workouts in each category, including strength training, endurance, flexibility, and agility. Their experienced trainers have designed these workouts specifically for tennis players, focusing on the areas crucial for success on the court. In addition to these workouts, you will have access to their private community where you can connect with other tennis players and fitness enthusiasts, share your progress, and get advice and support from their trainers.

Here’s a taste of just a few of the workouts you’ll have access to:

  • 20 Min Core Craze
  • Dynamic Tennis Strength Training Workout
  • 10 Minute Mini Band Workout for Tennis Players with a Former NFL Player
  • Roll into Relaxation
  • Med Ball Power
  • Bench Strength & Stability
  • Raise Your Game: Hitting Workouts
  • Ace the Court: Power up Your Serve with This Workout

Tennishead CLUB members receive a voucher code that allows 1 year of access to a huge selection of the fitness workouts delivered by Andrew Mateljan, the owner of Fit4Tennis. 

What is Fit4Tennis?


🎾 App based program that provides simple yet effective workouts, programs, and exercise videos specifically designed to help you get fit for tennis.

🎾 Offering a variety of workouts and programs designed to improve your strength, agility, speed, and endurance, with a focus on movements and skills specific to tennis.

🎾 All workouts are designed to suit any level of fitness or standard of tennis player. no matter what age, gender or body shape, Fit4Tennis will help you enjoy your tennis more

Who’s behind Fit4Tennis?

Andrew and his family live on the West Coast of America where they run a community tennis program in Laguna Beach, they have a gym and now they’ve combined their dual passions of fitness and tennis to create Fit4Tennis

Andrew was a top junior player who decided to follow his dream of trying to make it as a professional tennis player on the ATP Tour. Like thousands before him, Andrew realised that life as a pro wasn’t going to be a career for him so he took up coaching and spent many years learning his trade, travelling and helping countless players of all levels to improve their game.

After settling down with his German wife Saska, Andrew realised that helping other players to get fitter and enjoy their game more was where his real passion lay and hence Fit4Tennis was born.

Tennishead CLUB has teamed up with Andrew and Fit4Tennis because we were so impressed by the quality and simplicity of what they offer. They aren’t trying to turn you into the next Novak Djokovic (as much as you may want that!), they are simply providing quality tennis workouts and fitness advice that can help players of any standard to play better tennis by being fitter on the court. This fits perfectly with the philosophy of the Tennishead CLUB so we were delighted when Andrew agreed to become our partner.


Andrew Mateljan Fit4Tennis

An introduction to Fit4Tennis


An example of a Fit4Tennis workout


Every Fit4Tennis workout you’ll have access to…

  1. 20 Min Core Craze
  2. 20 Min Full Send Workout
  3. Dynamic Tennis Strength Training Workout
  4. 10 Minute Mini Band Workout for Tennis Players with a Former NFL Player
  5. Roll into Relaxation
  6. Med Ball Power
  7. Bench Strength & Stability
  8. Raise Your Game: Hitting Workouts
  9. Ace the Court: Power up Your Serve with This Workout
  10. Serve to Win: 5-Minute Power Up
  11. Warming Up for Victory: Drills to Get You Match-Ready!
  12. Shoulder Power: 10 Minute Warm-Up for a Strong Tennis Game
  13. 10 Minute Backhand Boost: Get a Stronger Backhand in No Time
  14. 5-Minute Performance Boosting Mobility Workout
  15. Bend, Stretch, and Unwind: A Full Body Stretching Adventure
  16. 5-Minute Net Boost
  17. 5 Minutes to Improve Footwork & Fast Twitch Muscles
  18. A Killer Lower Body Tennis Workout!
  19. Complete Upper Body and Footwork Tennis Workout!
  20. Exercises to do after a Tennis Session
  21. Coordinating Deceleration and Acceleration (increases endurance, power and speed)
  22. Tennis Workout Lunge Series, Build Stronger Lower Body In Minutes
  23. Chest and Arms Superset Upper Body Workout
  24. A Very Quick And Efficient Upper Body Workout You Can Do In 10 Minutes
  25. Tennis Footwork Drills – Lateral Cuts and Zigzag
  26. Don’t Skip the Cool Down!
  27. Core Strength – Better Tennis Game And Abs!
  28. Footwork Endurance Workout – Burn Calories While Improving Agility
  29. Tennis Workout for Upper Body Strength and Power
  30. Burn Calories and Improve Footwork & Agility with These Fun Tennis Fitness Drills!
  31. This Insane Tennis HIIT Workout Will Torch Calories!
  32. How to get a Tennis Body: Upper Body Workout (using chair, tennis racket, and dumbells)
  33. Get Ready to Play in Just 15 Minutes!
  34. Pushing You To Your Limit In This Chest & Shoulder-focused Workout!
  35. How to Get a Major Pump in Your Arms with This Tennis Fitness Workout!
  36. How to build a toned and fit tennis body with this ab blaster routine
  37. Get in shape for tennis season with this simple ab blaster routine
  38. How to Turn Your Tennis Racket Into an Ab Blaster
  39. 10 Minute Leg & Butt Power Up
  40. How to cooldown like a tennis pro (even if you’re not one)
  41. How to Speed Up Your Tennis Footwork – 4 Simple Agility Drills
  42. The Ab Blaster routine that tennis pros use to get ripped!
  43. Footwork Burners
  44. Ab Blasters
  45. Sprints
  46. SAQ

And here’s a few words from Andrew, the founder of Fit4Tennis…


“I am a product of a tennis family, with my grandfather being a pioneer in coaching tennis. After moving to the US on a basketball scholarship, he married a Norwegian girl and switched his focus to tennis, coaching my mom and her two brothers to become some of the best players in the country. While my uncles earned Division 1 scholarships to universities, my mom had me at 20.

“Growing up in Redlands, California, I decided to take my tennis more seriously and received a scholarship to attend a tennis academy in Irvine when I was 15. I quickly climbed the ranks and became the third-best player in SoCal, peaking at number 12 in the country in juniors. When it came time to decide on a college, I started coaching full-time at age 18, eventually taking charge of the top junior program at Laguna Niguel Racket Club by age 20. An up-and-coming Norwegian junior offered me a full-time traveling coach position, taking me to train and travel between Barcelona, California, and Croatia for six years.

“During this time, I had the opportunity to train alongside some of the best coaches and players in the world. I met my German wife in Barcelona, and we fell in love. She moved with me back to Irvine, where I continued coaching. In 2019, I started my tennis academy in Laguna Beach, while my wife opened her women’s-focused fitness facility in Newport Beach, California. When COVID-19 hit and shut down our businesses, we struggled to support our family.

“That’s when we decided to put our minds together and create Fit4Tennis, a platform that fills a significant gap in fitness for tennis players. We developed easy-to-follow workouts designed to improve one’s tennis game, no matter where they are. Our mission is to provide functional training that helps people achieve their fitness goals while improving their tennis game.”