Boris Becker

Tennis stars who love casino games

Professional athletes often fall prey to temptations. Few people are aware that sports stars can suffer from gambling addiction. When we discuss casino goers, Michael Jordan or Wayne Rooney come to mind.

What about tennis players?

TOP 3 Tennis Players Who Love Casinos

People like to spend time in an online casino. Indeed, in gambling clubs, you can get generous bonuses and try high-quality slot machines. Many UK online casinos list give welcome bonuses and gifts for account replenishment. Not everyone can withstand such temptation.

Rafael Nadal

The athlete is one of the best tennis players of all time. In addition to their merits in tennis, Rafael also loves gambling. The athlete is a big poker fan which loves to spend time in real and virtual Platin casino. In 2014, he lost a large sum of money to Vannessa Selbst in poker at the Monte Carlo casino. The woman is one of the best players in the world. In total, she was able to win over $11 million. After the tournament, Rafael Nadal admitted that he liked the game. The tennis player became a PokerStars Ambassador in 2012 and won $100,000 at a charity event. The athlete does not see a problem in his gambling addiction and does not seek to overcome it.

Jimmy Connors

The athlete loves gambling no less than tennis. Jimmy Connors was one of those who ran into a gambling club for just a few hours and became addicted. The athlete said he continued to play as long as he had money. As soon as the money ran out, he stopped going to the casino.

In his book The Outsider, he shares his life and how he struggled with gambling addiction for a long time. The athlete does not hide the fact that he often made bets on himself. A remarkable presence in the athlete’s biography was the match with Martina Navratilova in 1992. Jimmy Connors bet $1 million on himself and won the game and the bet. Today, the legendary tennis player convinces that he has overcome his gambling addiction. He no longer goes to the casino, does not play slots, and does not seek to get earningsĀ  for bets.

The tennis player trains young and promising athletes. Jimmy Connors thanks his wife for going the hard way with him and helping him free himself from gambling.

Boris Becker

Everyone knows who the German tennis player is. The professional athlete is also an ambassador for Pokerstars. The contract was signed back in 2007. The tennis player is often seen at poker events. So, he took part in the European Poker Tour. Boris Becker describes himself as a responsible and patient player who can “read” the emotions of competitors.

The tennis player won $72,776 in live poker tournaments. However, this amount is small compared to the fees for tennis tournaments.

What online casino games do tennis stars select?

It is challenging to select one category that legendary tennis players like. Today, most athletes prefer online casinos because they allow them to enjoy the game without having to leave home. In virtual and real gambling clubs, athletes most typically play:

  • In poker, the goal is to collect a winning hand and force opponents to stop playing.
  • Slotsā€”classic slot machines based on the rotation of the drum.
  • Sports bettingā€”predictions for significant sporting events. If the forecast is correct, the player receives a cash prize.
  • Roulette is a game based on spinning a wheel with sectors. To win, the player must place a bet and wait until the roulette wheel stops moving.


Playing slot machines and wanting to win real money often lead to addiction. Ludomania extends not only to ordinary people, but also to legendary athletes. Many professional tennis players love to spend time in casinos. They get relaxation, positive emotions, and rewards. Tennis legends choose to gamble because they are used to being competitive. And spending time in gambling clubs produces adrenaline. This applies to the three tennis players we talked about above.

For fewer people to get addicted, many online casinos are developing rules for responsible gambling. This reduces the risk of gambling addiction and allows you to play for fun.

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