Tennis stars continue to attack anti-doping rules


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:25

New anti-doping rules mean that players must let drug-testers know of their whereabouts for a period of one hour every day of the week.

This regulation has caused up roar with more than one tennis star, as players feel it is a violation to their privacy. Britains Andy Murray described the measures as “draconian” while Rafael Nadal said that it makes players feel like a “criminal”.

Previously players were only required to inform testers of their whereabouts five days a week.

Serena Williams vented her anger after her win over Karolina Sprem at the Open GDF SUEZ WTA Premier event in Paris.

“It’s too much,” she said. “If I want to go on vacation to Barbados for one day, I shouldn’t have to say I’m going to Barbados.

“I’m always complaining to my agents. I never tell people where I am, because I like to do my own thing.”

“It’s bizarre. I can’t run home from dinner and get tested. It’s very invasive.”

However, Williams still recognises that these measures help tennis stay “pure”:

“We won’t have problems in tennis that we have in other sports, so it’s definitely a pure sport and that’s the only upside to it.”

If a player misses three surprise tests in 18 months they face a possible two-year ban.


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