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Stuff we love: have you got the minerals?


Originally published on: 16/07/10 00:00

nuun electrolyte tablets
RRP £5.99,

Seattle-based fun junkies nuun reckon they’ve cracked the formula for the perfect sports drink. “Rather than settle for water or buy a sugary drink from a convenience store, just fill up your water bottle and drop in a couple of nuun tabs.” Once they’ve dissolved, you’re left with a well-balanced, sugar-free electrolyte drink that is more efficiently absorbed than water and other sports drinks. We recommend the lemon-lime flavour – tasty!

Modern Tennis Essential Tools DVD
RRP £19.99,

“Your DNA and millions of years of evolution have designed you to be amazing and yet most of us rarely discover our true potential,” say the guys behind this two-hour coaching DVD. The idea is that the best way to learn tennis is the learn like a child – mimicking the actions of others while having fun. Think of it as the Rosetta Stone of coaching – and marvel at Bert Rowley’s truly epic hair – all for the price of an hour or two of private tuition.

Physicool cooling bandage
RRP £9.99,


Physicool Even the most careful among us are going to pick up the odd sprain and strain out on court. When you do, remember: RICE – that’s rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Icing, or more specifically cooling an injured area as soon as possible provides short-term pain relief and limits swelling, but using ice packs or frozen peas can damage the skin if left on too long. But Physicool works differently – the reusable bandages are dipped in a rapid cooling agent and wrapped around the injury to help with compression. The coolant kicks in and slowly wears off, so you can leave the bandages on – even as you go to sleep – and not worry about them until morning. Magic!


Trion:Z dual loop bracelets
RRP £18.99,

These innovative magnetic bracelets pump out negative ions to counteract the bombardment of positive ions that are absorbed into the body each day from ultraviolet rays and electronic devices, which, according to the guys at Trion:Z, are associated with poor concentration, muscle and joint pain, headaches and nausea. They’re also available in every colour combination you can imagine!

Maui Jim Ho'okipa sunglasses
RRP £106,


Ho’okipa, we’re reliably informed, is a Hawaiian word meaning ‘to entertain’, and these sunnies are designed to join you while you get your kicks. If you’ve ever considered wearing shades on court, this super-lightweight and surprisingly rugged offering could be the pair for you. One thing’s for sure – when the game is over, they’ll certainly help you look the part as you lounge around the clubhouse sipping something suitably isotonic from the bar… Ho'okipa sunglasses

FST Playmaker ball machine
Expected RRP approx. £1,600,

Recently it seems as if every Euro Millions winner has been British. However, if, like us, you’re not a member of this rapidly growing club, at least you can start training like one with your own top-spec ball machine. The FST Playmaker allows you to cater the feed pattern to your bespoke needs, giving you control of the interval, speed, height, direction and even the spin put on the ball, as well as an option for random feeds to keep you on your toes.



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