ASICS Paris stress

Stressed Parisian tennis players to find relief with unique ‘uplifting’ tennis court experience

65% of Parisians find their city a stressful place to live but just 15% are using tennis to relieve the stress which is why global tennis footwear brand ASICS have stepped in to create an ‘Uplift court’ and a post game ‘Zen garden’ for their relaxation

From May 17 Paris’s tennis obsessed population will have a unique opportunity to enjoy their beloved game whilst simultaneously treating the stress without leaving the tennis court. At least that’s the aim of a new facility created by ASICS in conjunction with their ‘Global State of Mind’ index.

The ground breaking study, published in conjunction with leading researches from Kings College Hospital in London, found that Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation had a considerably higher ‘State of Mind’ score than millennials and Gen Z. This matched results from a newly commissioned survey of Parisians which discovered that feelings of stress were most prominent amongst millennials (25-34 years old) with an overwhelming 80% of this demographic claiming Paris is stressful place to live.


ASICS Paris 2022


This research prompted the ‘Sound mind, sound body’ experts from ASICS to create a tennis court experience based on the specific results from the Paris survey which helped identify ‘the biggest stresses for those living in the French capital, include: traffic (61%), air pollution (56%), public transport (48%), lack of parking spaces (42%) and work (39%). These stress points will come to life as targets on a dedicated ‘stress wall’ so that Parisians are able to play their stress away against what frustrates them the most.’

Dr. Brendon Stubbs from Kings College added: “The results from the research reflect the stresses associated with living in a modern city and an eagerness to address this through sport. What surprised me most is the lack of people turning to tennis for stress relief, despite research suggesting tennis can improve stress levels. It really is an exciting project, enabling us to monitor people’s stress over the past month, and immediately after playing tennis. This will enable us to robustly outline the associated stress relieving benefits of tennis among the residents of Paris.”

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