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Some Amazing Tennis Video Games

The world of tennis is amazing as it has managed to produce some of the most exciting sporting events throughout the years. That’s why the sport has so many fans across the world and why so many different kinds of platforms follow tennis events.

These platforms cover tennis events and let tennis fans get in every moment of the game. Some of them are online sportsbooks like this sports betting site and they cover a variety of other sports as well, including football, basketball, MMA, and others. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

The thing about certain tennis fans is that they’re also game developers which is why they were inspired to create some tennis video games. There are lots of them available nowadays and you can pick a game up whenever you’re waiting for the next tennis match to come up. Here are some suggestions in that regard:

Top Spin 4

There are lots of tennis games out there, but none of them are quite like Top Spin 4. The visuals are great and the mechanics allow you to feel the atmosphere of the tennis court right from the comfort of your home. You’ll get to pick a player you’ve unlocked or you can try the career mode which means creating a new player from scratch and having them climb the top of the top. Naturally, you’ll learn to press the right buttons at the right time which is why timing is everything in the world of tennis.

Wii Sports

Nintendo Wii changed the way games are played. Usually, it was about pushing the right buttons at the right time but it’s a bit different with Wii. The Wii Sports game is a mix of games that includes tennis. This is a more interesting approach to sports as you’ll need to move your hand to play tennis. The thing about Wii is that you have a remote in your hand and you’ll need it to serve and deflect the ball back to the opponent. You can have a go at one opponent or for a 2-on-2 game if you’re feeling adventurous.

Virtua Tennis 3

The game might be a little old when compared to today’s standards, but it’s a decent tennis game. As the name suggests, you’ll get a tennis game where you’ll be playing as a solo player or have a virtual tennis sidekick for a game of 2 on 2. You can play with all the big names of that time or create a player of your own. The game will have good mechanics and let you go all over the court to beat your opponent and win the trophy at the end. If you’re looking for an old-school game then Virtua Tennis 3 is right up your alley.

These are 3 amazing tennis games that will help you start your journey down the rabbit hole. You can go for them and once you’re finished you can find other amazing tennis video games.



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Tim Farthing, Tennishead Editorial Director & Owner, has been a huge tennis fan his whole life. He's a tennis journalist and entrepreneur as well as playing tennis to a national standard. He also helps manage his local club and volunteers for his local tennis organisation. He's a specialist in content about the administration of professional tennis and tennis coaching for all levels.