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Six Million Dollar Man/Woman in a bottle?


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:44

Pure-Col is a 100% pure collagen formula (in tablet form) that is said to kill joint pain, increase your agility, stamina and performance while working out, provide smoother, tighter skin and ultimately boost your fitness.

OK. So its potentially a perfect weapon for the tennis player searching for a physical edge to complement their arsenal of strokes oh, and it’ll help make you look good to boot!

100% Collagen Ltd has put the tablet through extensive research and clinical trials to prove its efficacy, with the main benefits said to be increased stamina, agility, speed and performance, greater mobility in joints, reduced aches and pains and overall physiological protection, maintenance and repair.

And, for those of us that take pride in their personal appearance, it also claims to help provide smoother, tighter skin, thicker hair and strengthened nails. Hell, even Jennifer Aniston is said to love her collagen-based anti-aging fix. Every little bit helps Jen. Every little bit helps…

Pure-Col is priced


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