Karolina Pliskova French Open

Sister act: The Pliskova twins


Do the Pliskova sisters like playing doubles together?
Karolina: For me, Kristyna Pliskova is the best partner because there is really no stress and I have fun as well. I’m not afraid to laugh. I enjoy doubles, but I prefer singles.
Kristyna: I have played a few times with somebody else. Really for me [with other partners] it’s a stress because I am afraid to miss. With Karolina if I miss, it’s OK. It’s fun. I like it.

Do you have any ambitions to be like the Williams sisters or the Bryan brothers?
Karolina: It’s special to be twins. There aren’t that many twins on the tour. But also it’s tough because with the Williams and Bryans they are both good. I am not thinking about playing like them because it would be really tough concentrating on singles and playing doubles as well.
Kristyna: We have a dream to win a Grand Slam together in doubles.
Karolina: But I have prioritised singles.

Which Slam would you most like to win together?
Karolina: Kristyna Pliskova probably would prefer Wimbledon because she has had good results there – she won Wimbledon juniors. I also like the US Open, so one of those two would be nice. But I don’t think we can win yet, because we are not ready for that.

Growing up, were you competitive with one another?
Of course, yes. It’s always like that when there are two brothers or two sisters. Not fighting, but one wants to be better than the other. But not that much. If I win and she loses I am not like, “Ha ha ha!”

On court are you supportive of one another?
Karolina: It’s always tough to lose a match tiebreak in the third set. So sometimes we don’t talk.
Kristyna: Last year we won two titles together, so we are improving, we are older and we did not spend that much time together. I don’t think we’re going to fight that much any more.
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Karolina Pliskova French Open
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