Sharapova: I do sketches but I_Ñém no Picasso


Originally published on: 05/06/12 00:00

After reaching the quarter-finals of the French Open Maria Sharapova was asked what she thought about being known as “the one and only glamour tennis diva”. The world No.2 smiled. “Glamour and diva,” Sharapova said. “Hmmm. Yeah, that's me.”
While some might get distracted from their day job by their off-the-court interests, Sharapova is the perfect example of a player who manages to balance their tennis with a different life away from the court. Fashion is one of the Russian’s passions and she has developed a growing interest in the business side of the industry – without letting it affect her sporting career. Her recent success on the court is such that she will return to the world No.1 position if she reaches the final at Roland Garros.
“I think a lot of it is perception,” Sharapova said of her public image. “It’s understandable, because what the outside world sees is you playing and doing press conferences. And being on the red carpet and everything is just so glam and beautiful. But at the end of the day, it's all big one illusion, and then reality sets in. And I don't go to sleep with my make-up on and I don't wear make-up on the court. I'm sure divas do that, right? “
Wherever Sharapova travels she takes her camera and notebook to record fashion ideas. Rome and Paris are always a particularly rich source of material. “I do sketches but I’m no Picasso or anything,” she says. “I never really studied it, so I’m not professional. But I am good at bringing ideas to the table. There’s a whole team behind me with materials and branding and all of that. They’re awesome with me and help me bring ideas to life. I bring a lot of sketches and I take pictures around the world, whether it’s architecture or something with little details.”


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