Serena Williams on the greatest victory of her career


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:12

Serena Williams has defeated every great player of her generation at some point during her phenomenal career, and yet, she points to an unlikely match-up as her greatest ever victory

Interviewer: Could you list just a couple of your greatest matches? I dont mean when youre crushing someone, playing at an A?plus level, but maybe where you felt the excitement of the crowd against Venus, Justine or Jennifer
Serena Williams: My greatest match, I have it on my website, was when I was younger and I beat Andy Roddick. Hell hate me for saying that (laughter). So indirectly, you know, Ive beaten a lot of people on the mens tour.

Interviewer: That was a practice match in Florida somewhere?
SW: Practice, it was. He always says hes ready for a rematch, but theres no need for a rematch (laughter).

Interviewer: How old were you?
SW: You know, might have been 11. Doesnt matter. Age doesnt matter (smiling).

Interviewer: How badly did you beat him?
SW: Well, theres an argument about the score. I think I beat him like 6-1. He says it was 6-4. But I believe it was 6-1.

Interviewer: So that means you indirectly have wins over Federer and Nadal?
SW: Indirectly I have wins over Federer, Nadal. Just so exciting (laughter).

Well, that’s official then Serena Williams is the greatest player that has ever lived, male or female!!!


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