Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer

‘Roger Federer would not have been kicked out – the line judge was acting,’ says Novak Djokovic ally


Roger Federer would have been given preferential treatment to that which Novak Djokovic received at the US Open, says the Serb’s former manager.

Djokovic was ejected from the tournament on Sunday after accidentally striking a female line-judge with a spare ball.

The USTA immediately released a statement, quoting the rule Djokovic broke and insisting they had no other option but to default the world number one.

Pilic, though, says he is highly sceptical of that explanation.

“In my opinion, Novak Djokovic accidentally hit the line-judge with the ball,” Pilic told the press in Serbia as the fallout from the incident rumbles on.

“I think he should have been punished with a confiscated game. It is not right to disqualify the first in the world because of this.

“I believe that the judge also acted a little, I don’t think she was so hurt.

“Do you think Roger Federer would be kicked out for something like this? No chance. This decision is tendentious.”

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer
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