Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019

‘Roger Federer is pure talent, class and elegance,’ says world number one


Carlos Alcaraz has described Roger Federer as ‘pure talent, class and elegance’ as the Swiss star prepares to bow out of tennis.

The upcoming Laver Cup will be Federer’s last tournament in professional tennis, with him bringing the curtain down on an incredible career.

Alcaraz wo the US Open this month to become the youngest world number one in ATP history as he underlined how safe the future of men’s tennis is.

However, he has also paid tribute to Federer, who he has often admitted was a key influence in his development.

“He’s pure talent, class and elegance. He’s lasted so long because of how he plays,” Alcaraz said of Federer at a Madrid press conference.

“He hasn’t retired in any match and I’ve already retired in one. It’s a gift they’ve brought us all sports fans, not just tennis. I’m proud to have watched him throughout my childhood.

“I wish I could last as long as he has and earn a quarter of what he has earned. I can only thank him for what he has given to tennis. I’ve always wanted to face him, it won’t be possible, but it’s better than leaving with a defeat.”

Roger Federer has been asked whether he may rethink his retirement and perform a U-turn, but he is adamant that the Laver Cup will be his final tournament no matter what.

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