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Roger Federer: ‘Everyone can play on hardcourt – you have to specially prepare for clay and grass’

Roger Federer says that hardcourt tennis is the easiest variant to prepare for as he starts looking ahead to his scheduling for next season.

Federer is perhaps best known for his success on grass, although over half of his Grand Slam titles have come on hardcourts.

That is partly because there are two per year, compared to one each a year on clay and grass, but also because it’s the easiest surface to pick up.

“Everyone can play on hardcourt but you have to specially prepare for clay and grass,” Roger Federer explained to SRFSports.

Federer is keen to play the Olympics in 2021, and it is sure to be a big priority for him as the season progresses.

However, he says there is no real way to prepare for it due to how seasonal the tennis season is.

“You couldn’t really prepare for Tokyo as there would have been 20 tournaments before.

“They are also very important, even though maybe not as important as Olympics, which have another significance.

“That‘s why honestly said the preparation just starts 3 months in before.”

“We have so many matches and competitions that whenever you take a break you know that someone else is winning in that time.

“That‘s why it is extremely difficult to say ‘I take a break.’”

The Tokyo Olympics is expected to hold its tennis tournaments on hardcourts next summer.

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