Roger Federer Wimbledon 2019

‘My main focus is on my comeback in tennis,’ says Roger Federer

Roger Federer says he is ‘focused on his comeback’ as he pondered what his life will look like after tennis.

Federer has been unable to play much tennis at all over the last two-and-a-half years due to a persistent knee injury, but he is planning on another comeback attempt in September.

He is, though, still incredibly popular with tennis fans and he received a huge ovation as part of the parade of champions at Wimbledon last week.

Federer will turn 41-years-old next month, so he knows he will inevitably have to face a life without tennis, but he says that is a discussion for another day and he simply doesn’t know how much of the limelight he will seek once he stops playing.

“Time will tell how I want to deal with this, how often I keep looking for interest,” Roger Federer told Het Parool.

“I think about that now sometimes, but not often. My main focus is on how to make my comeback in tennis. I work hard on that and I think about it every day.”

“What feeling you get and how you react after such applause and standing ovation, I still don’t know that in advance.

“Novak [Djokovic] also said that: a lot of us are nervous before such a parade. We don’t do this every day either, we never get used to it.

“It remains uncertain, while all you have to do is walk a bit and say a few words. And I was quite emotional, although not everyone has seen that,” the Swiss great said on the same.

“You never tire of such attention. That is why it is also difficult for many athletes to stop. Or why they keep playing demonstration matches. Because they love to perform.

“Because in the end we are not just tennis players, but also performers, entertainers.”

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