Rafael Nadal Roland Garros 2020

Rafael Nadal is too mentally strong to be affected by lack of crowd, claims Andy Murray

Andy Murray does not believe the presence of a crowd affects Rafael Nadal like it can other players.

This year has been unprecedented due to the amount of tennis that has been played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus crisis.

Some players, such as Stefanos Tsitsipas has said the lack of energy from a crowd has really dampened his game, but Murray does not believe Nadal needs any extra help.

“For someone like Rafael Nadal, I don’t think that crowd affects him that much,” Murray said.

“Because I think he has got such a great mentality, his energy, and his stuff on the court is always really really good. He has got a great attitude.

“As we saw in this year at the French Open this year, there was no crowd but he still dominated.”

The only way Murray believes a crowd can benefit Nadal is if his opponent is unsettled by the support for the Spaniard.

“If the crowd is behind him, it can sometimes have an effect on the opponent.

“In big moments. a break-point, it’ll be different when you step up on the line and all the crowd would be making a big noise getting behind Rafa.”

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