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Rackets: Yonex RQS 22 review


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:42

Hard sell: Players will enjoy more power and control on serve thanks to the Power Isometric frame which produces a 20% larger area in the heart of the racket face. Soft feel will come from the Nanoscale Elastic Ti which is loaded into the side of the frame. And high modulus graphite with high modulus stabilizers in the shaft will offer more face stability. What’s more, the use of carbon fibres result in greater torque resistance and more racket manoeuvrability and the Shockless Grommets (the hole guards built into the frame of a tennis racket) absorb unwanted vibrations.

Tennishead says: When compared to some of its rivals in the beginners’ market, at 100 notes, this Yonex racket offers great value for money. We think it’s one of the best looking beginners’ bats around (although one tester said it looked like a serving spoon!) and it plays well too. We got heaps of control using this but also enough power – the head heavy frame really helped get the racket face through the hitting zone on impact.

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