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Rackets: Pro Kennex Kinetic Ki 5


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:39

Hard sell: Pro Kennex says this racket has the worlds leading shock absorption kinetic technology, which will help anyone with tennis elbow or shoulder or wrist problems. So how does this work exactly? This is how: thousands of ‘micro-bearings’ are housed inside chambers around the racket head. As it swings forward, the micro-bearings move to the back wall of the frame, loading energy. When the racket strikes the ball, this kinetic mass transfers forward, adding power and reducing frame shock and vibration.

Tennishead says: We can’t dispute the effects of kinetic technology (anything that helps with tennis elbow is a winner in our book), but the micro-bearings do make a sound like your racket’s filled with sand when you move it around. This doesn’t take anything away from its playability, but it’s something that has to be mentioned all the same. As well as it being good for injury prevention, it’s nice and powerful and its fairly large sweetspot helped us on the volley. Perhaps a good choice for regular club doubles players.

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