The Head Graphene XT Prestige - winner of best overall racket in the 2016 tennishead advanced racket awards

Racket Review: Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro


Originally published on 16/06/16 00:00

Head is a brand associated with high quality rackets with the likes of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic – to name but two – using their models on tour.

But would tennishead's finest like what they found? In a word, yes. At 315g, this fairly hefty frame didn't want for power generation and the 98-square-inch head size meant our ballstrikers could maintain control from all over the court when they needed to.

“There's plenty of power,” said Adam. “It’s a confidence-inspiring racket that also provides a good balance of control to rein in the power.”

Howard agreed. “It gives good control and spin and feels solid all round,” he said. “I like Head – they make great rackets.” A leading contender in this category.

Head Graphene XT Prestige – voted Best Overall Racket in the 2016 tennishead advanced racket awards

Any racket that helps you feel more confident has to be a good thing and that’s exactly what our tester Adam felt when he picked up this Head model. Great power, a nice blend of control, and excellent feel mean the Graphene XT Prestige walks away with our most prestigious award.

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