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Racket review: Freek? Unique!


Originally published on: 26/02/10 16:43

News reached us in August of a tennis racket aimed at players with extra sweaty hands a racket with a unique way of circulating air around your playing hand through holes in the grip.

While sweaty mitts isnt a complaint that affects every one of us, there are plenty of players who suffer from perspiration problems, and enough to prompt Canadian manufacturers Winjammer Rackets into action to invent this big fella.

It would appear the problem even affects some pros. Only last month Tennishead blogger Anne Keothavong wrote about the problems of sweaty grips during her US Open second round win over Francesca Schiavone.

Its so humid here and I was sweating so much, but I obviously couldnt change my grip during a game so a change of racket it was god knows why I hadnt done it earlier! she revealed. If only shed had a Freek to hand

Anyway, early in September we were minding our own business when a Control Freek landed on our doormat. Finally, it stopped raining long enough for us get on court with the Freek. Heres what we thought

The hard-sell
The Control Freek promises to keep you playing cool and sweat-free tennis in the hottest conditions around and will help you maintain 100% continuous contact with your handle, which means total confidence in your grip and no slippage on contact with the ball. The all-important technology is the rackets handle, which creates and circulates cool air that stops your palm from becoming too sweaty. Two


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