Quote machine: 2009 Australian Open, Day 7


Originally published on: 26/02/10 15:16

There’s no denying it – this Scottish lad has really got under Roger Federer’s skin!
“It’s good to have five-setters to see where you’re at. I don’t know how fit Murray is. I’ll take him on any day in a five-setter. He’s younger so he’s probably not so experienced, you know. In the end it becomes very mental. That’s why I’m always going to favor myself in a fifth set.”

Though there’s something that winds him up even more…
“What do I think about HawkEye? It’s horrible. I don’t like it, no.”

Andy Roddick, fresh from a comfortable win against Tommy Robredo, isn’t really in the mood to moonlight as an analyst for ‘the big match’…
“I didn’t see much. When I came back in it was two breaks in the fifth. I saw the first set and the beginning of the second and that’s pretty much it. I mean, I was watching it extremely sparingly – I was getting ready for my match. Unfortunately for your column, that takes precedence over me watching Federer and Berdych.”

But he will set the record straight on one thing – Serena Williams’ 1-0 career head-to-head lead, described as one of her fantastic five wins!
“She always just gives me crap. Ask her about it. I saw her yesterday, and she walked on the court and started laughing because she knew I had probably seen it. I said it wasn’t fair.

“When we were ten, I had to literally run around in the shower to get wet. I was this big. She was bench pressing dump trucks already at that time. I told her that yesterday, and she got a good laugh. Any chance she gets she just does it to get under my skin, and she does it very successfully.

“However many some odd Wimbledon titles and they’re like, What’s your best match? I have a win over Andy Roddick. She forgets to mention that it was 1993. But she won’t give me a rematch.”

Jelena Jankovic explains why she made the sign of the cross at the start of the second set
“I needed a little bit of help, yes. What can I do?”

While Marion Bartoli reveals her heroes – one you might expect, one you might not…
“Seles has been really my hero when I was young, the same as Pete Sampras.

“Even when I was playing with one?handed, she was already playing with two?handed. She was already my hero because she was just so fighting on the court. I really loved her spirit on the court. She was putting everything into it. I just love Monica.

“Of course, now I play double and she play double?handed. She’s a huge inspiration for me.”

Tomas Berdych couldn’t help but vent about HawkEye’s blind moment during his match with Federer:
“What to say? I mean, if they bring some new system and doesn’t work, why should it be on the courts?

“I mean, he can tell you whatever he wants. Just told you that somebody told him that he saw the ball and the mark and it was out, so that’s why the original call stands. But, well, it should be working.”

Dinara was in poetic mood after sneaking past Alize Cornet into the quarters…translations on a postcard!
“If you guys see me practicing, I mean, there is not one ball that I push aggressive, moving aggressive. Come to the court and I’m running outside of Melbourne by the shadows, just missing the umpires. Next time I think I will run behind there. Like there is fence and there is still some space there. So maybe next time I’ll run even there.

“I need to come back to Melbourne next match. Because being outside of Melbourne I think I don’t win so many points.”


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